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Dudi Kalisch, Motty Vizel & Yossi Fried: “Mayim Bochim”

Listen to an amazing melody “Mayim Bochim” a composition by talented young rising composer ‘Yossi Fried’ from the UK, a song that tears the heart of its listener to pieces, a melody full of emotion, musicality, this is one that you’ll have on repeat!
Composer ‘Yossi Fried’ known by now with some incredible pieces out there performed by very talented vocalists and recording artists such as Gershy Uri, Menachem Lichtenstein, Srulik Kletzkin and recently on the debut album ‘Chibu’ released by ‘Chilu Genuth’ has now surprise the world with another incredible song but this time on a whole new level.
Yossi had sat down for about 2 months ago with master composer & arranger Dudi Kalisch from Israel to be working on some great music, in the meantime Yossi played him a song that catches Dudi in the first moment, Dudi mentioned him how about I do the music arrangement and I’ll sing it, Yossi liked the idea, they started right away, then Dudi felt the need of some more color to the production and brought into the picture super star Motty Vizel, the production for the song started moving fast forward, music has been recorded vocals has been started and at one of thethe studio sessions by Yanky Cohen where all of the vocals were recorded Yanky threw in an idea that of course Yossi the composer of the song should take a small vocal lead to enroll the project with a very very colorful look, now it was time to involve Sruli Bring her to plan and write the script for such a fascinating music video on which Sruli brought it to the next level with filming on the beautiful pontoon swimming in the Kineret in Tiberias.
Sit back, Enjoy the moments, Imagine yourself floating on the water singing מים בוחים…..
A Special Shout Out To Some Very Talented People That Helped Out Throughout The Whole Production: Moishy Struble, Yossi Shick
Sung & Performed by: Dudi Kalisch, Motty Vizel & Yossi Fried.
Composed by: Yossi Fried.
Music Arranged by: Dudi Kalisch.
BackUp Vocals by: Dudi Kalisch & Yossi Fried.
Vocals Recorded by: Yanky Cohen @ YankyCohen Studios, Israel.
Mixed & Mastered by: Chaim Meir Moses.
Video Produced & Directed by: Sruli Broncher.
Filmed by: Yitzchok Kelman.
Edited by: Sruli Broncher.
YouTube Thumbnail by: ArrangeIt.Media
YouTube Write-Up by: Yossi Shick.
Digital Media & Marketing in Israel: Mendy Kurnt.
Digital Media & Marketing in USA: Motty Klein • @MusicOnTime / ArrangeIt.Media


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