A Yid – Benny Friedman

No matter if times are good or times are great, A YID knows that everything that happens is coming from his Father in heaven. His Father Who loves him more than anything in the entire universe and even far beyond. Over the last year we all witnessed our fellow Jews and our families and ourselves […]

Thursday Night Live with Moshe Grunfeld and Boruch Perlowitz

In this Thursday Night Live. Boruch Perlowitz has an interview with The Jewish Platforms very own producer, Moshe Grunfeld. The Discussion is about The Jewish Platform and the upcoming film by Boruch Perlowitz- Desperate Mesures (31550)

Journey of Silence Musical Production- Pesach Scene

A journey of silence is a production by Bonei oilam for the Lakewood fundraiser. The program follows a childless man throughout the year and the challenges that come with it.  Performers were, Benny Friedman, MBD, Boruch Levine, Shira Choir and Yiddish Nachas. Music was Performed by the Mendy Hershkowitz band. The program was produced by […]

Thursday night Live with Yidi Bialostozky and Boruch Perlowitz

In this Thursday Night Live, Boruch Perlowitz interviews, rising star Yidi Bialostozky. Yidi Talks about how he broke into the Jewish music market and how he manages to dominate the stage at the large scale events that he performes at. (7109)

Thursday Night Live with Lipa Schwartz

This Thursday night we have Lipa Schwartz, Founder of Misameach on as guest. Lipa gives us a tour of the amazing Misameach center before we sit down to talk about Lipa and his journey to build up Misameach. (4643)

Thursday Night Live with Shloimy Salzman and Boruch Perlowitz

In this Thursday night live, Boruch Perlowitz interviews Shloimy salzman, Owner and founder of Zaltz! Band. During the course of the interview, Shloimy discusses how he came to America at a young age and gradually broke into the music industry enough to start his own amazing band. Thursday night live on TJP is produced by […]

Thursday Night with Rabbi Sender Kaszirer

In this Thursday night live we bring to you Rabbi Sender Kaszirer, Rosh Yeshiva of Mesivta of Eatontown. During the conversation we discuss various topics pertaining to chinuch in todays turbulent days. The Jewish platform, Thursday night lives are hosted by Boruch Perlowitz and produced by Moshe Greenfeld. (9083)

Thursday Night Live with Yossi Gestetner

In this Thursday night live, we have Yossi Gestetner, Yossi is a business strategist, current events commentator, and the director of OJPAC. In this conversation we discuss how Yossi went into business strategizing and ultimately how he uses this experience to advocate for the Jewish community. Thursday night live shows are hosted by Boruch Perlowitz […]

Thursday Night Live with Rabbi YY Jacobson

In this Thursday night live Boruch Perlowitz interviews one of the worlds greatest Torah and Jewish lectures of the current era, Rabbi YY Jacobson. Here Rabbi YY goes through the story of his life including the point to what he accredits his profound knowledge and way of thinking, his year as a Choizer by the […]
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